Are you tired of a situation that simply does not improve? 
Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, or a life event has caught you entirely unprepared. 
There may be negative patterns that you are frustrated with and you feel that problems will not end. 
Perhaps there is a relationship that is painful and you are emotionally exhausted. 
You want to be heard! 

God wants you to live in peace, (John 14:27), and certainly living in confusion, hurt and pain was not His plan for you. Jesus wants your life to be joy filled, (John 15:11). As a Christian Counselor I take to heart what Christ said, “This is what I command you:  that you love and unselfishly seek the best for one another.” (John 15:17). Through Christian counseling you will be working with a fellow believer that is seeking the best for you. 

It is my desire to partner with you as you work toward freedom from hurts, confusion, or pain. It is an honor to walk alongside someone, during a season of life, as he or she works toward peace and positive change. 

I provide therapy to adults, adolescents, and seniors for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth and positive change. 

Several areas of specialty include: Board certification in obesity management, certification in clinical sleep counseling, and various training in emotional trauma. Additionally I have a business degree and offer knowledge and support related to Business or financial concerns, and Career counseling.

A variety of techniques are offered; talking through concerns, gaining new understanding about yourself and your situation (Psychoeducation), self-calming techniques, and steps for change. Support will be provided as you practice new approaches, apply new skills, and use new perspectives to gain personal growth and insight.

Sleep Disruption
Anxiety and/or Depression
Emotional eating
Parenting, including blended family challenges
Trauma Recovery
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Communication and setting and holding healthy boundaries
Adjustment after relationship loss or change
Adjustment related to physical change or medical complication
Career change, interview skills, managing stress related to financial change

I am a mother of four wonderful adult children, and a grandmother of eight amazing grandchildren. The Lord graced me with the life experience of a 25 year marriage and the experience of living as an adult single for over 13 years. The Lord is my life’s partner and has allowed me to gain knowledge from a variety of life experiences. I enjoy reading, (big fan of science fiction and adventure stories), writing, drawing and painting. Traveling to favorite places and making memories with friends and family is the spice of life for me! Occasionally friends catch me on stage presenting an interesting character in a play, and in most cases I have written the play or the character’s dialogue. It is fun to create memories and unique experiences with family, friends and my church family.